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FilmOffaly Short Film Award

We have reimaged the FilmOffaly Short Film Award for 2021, just for 2021. Our countries current restrictions concerning Covid 19 and the uncertainty of future lock downs required a reevaluation of the award, the outcome being that the funding initiative will not be going national this year. This year we are Offaly based.

Instead we are commissioning a short film, awarded to local production company Mixed Bag Media, the film reacts to and is indicative of the times we are in.  It will have a unique approach to its process with a strong element of mentoring/shadowing. 

The mentoring element of this award will be open to Offaly Film Professionals, more information on applying for this follow this link

We know that this news may come as a disappointment to many but we have hope that it will return when travel, accommodation and our country reopens. We wish all of you the best of luck with your scripts, keep trying, keep improving, keep submitting. 

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