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Your Property on Film?


Have you a house, business or land that you think would be a good film location? 

Film companies approach FilmOffaly and look for a diverse range of locations from houses, farms, castles, shops, bars, restaurants, factories, churches, gyms the list is endless. The more properties FilmOffaly has on our database the more attractive our county is to Film Producers. 
FilmOffaly has an extensive database of locations. But we are always looking for more. So, if your property is in Offaly and you think that you could welcome a film company into your home, property or business then please fill out our Film Location Database Form and then send us on some photos of your property to 
When a film company requests a location that may match yours we send a photo of your property, no name or address, just the photo. If the film company is interested we contact you to arrange the meeting. In many cases the Film Company will pay a small fee for the use of your property.
If you would like more information about being included on the database please give us a call on 05793 57400.  
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