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Location:-  Durrow Abbey

The area of Durrow has rich a landscape and history, in particular Durrow Abbey, an early Christian monastic site situated in the north of Offaly. It has adjacent woodland and fen and a gated entrance. The isolated setting and age old structures are key to the areas filming appeal. 

One of the areas of interest is St.Columba's church and graveyard. It is chosen for its ominous sinking gravestones and the tiny restored church from a bygone age which houses the Historic Durrow High Cross. We can only imagine what types of films can take place here, the sky is the limit!


Durrow Abbey House is located beside the church, and has the ideal exterior for a haunted house. This certainly adds an extra appeal to the site. It also features a lonely straight pathway to the Abbey from the disused gate house at the entrance.


With it's stone carvings, high cross, and woodland, Durrow Abbey has a mystical atmosphere especially at twilight or dawn, and must be seen to be believed. This location has the potential to adapt right across a number of film genres.


Durrow Abbey is 95 km from Co.Dublin, 7 km from the town of Tullamore and 4 km from M6 Kilbeggan exit. 



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