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Location:  Clonony Castle

Film Crews interested in coming to the Castle and its surroundings will find themselves feeling like they are stepping back in time.

Situated 30km from Athlone, Clonony Castle is open to the public but restoration work is still ongoing. The Castle was built by the MacCoughlan clan in the 1500’s and was the site where the firing of muskets was first practiced. 


In the early 17th century the castle was assigned to King Henry VIII who in turn handed it over to Thomas Boleyn and made him Earl of Ormond; the reasoning behind this was to win the hand of his daughter Ann in marriage. Two cousins of Queen Elizabeth; Mary and Elizabeth Boleyn, spent their lives at the castle and are buried underneath a hawthorn tree in the grounds.


Most of the rooms in the castle are filled with medieval tapestry's paintings, weapons, ornaments and furniture, some of the rooms have been used for events in the past. It's contents looks age old and like it has never left the castle which really brings the rooms to life.


It is said that the ghost of a man has been seen at the top of the tower wearing old fashioned clothes. He is said to be surrounded by a halo of mist and is a tall thin figure. Clonony castle is one of the most interesting Film Locations in Offaly and is an exceptional attribute to the area.


Clonony castle is 115 km from Co.Dublin, 5km from Banagher and

25 km from M6 Athlone exit.


For further information on filming in Offaly please visit

our website. FilmOffaly is a regional film office of the Irish Film Board.



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