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Tullybeg House, Rahan

Rahan  is 10 km from Tullamore and hosts a Golf course, waterway, monastic site and a venerable music venue 'the thatch'. 

Tullabeg House formerly known as St. Stanislaus Collage is situated in the area of Rahan and stands near an early christian monastic site dating from the sixth century. Just a hundred and fifty years ago, the Jesuits settled at Rahan and formed a boarding school, the house later was used as a retreat and finally a nursing home. The Jesuit history came to an end at Tullybeg in 1990. The house is extensive with a church attached, it is stunning on the outside but has fallen into disrepair and areas are out of bounds. Film Companies looking for the disused, broken down will definitely want to film here. 


The grounds are still open and hosts a bar, restaurant and a nine hole golf course. The area has great filming potential as it is tucked away in a quiet and secluded setting. 


 'The thatch' is a one of a kind landmark in Rahan and as its situated beside the Grand Canal it is often a stop-off for canal cruisers and tourists looking for a rare piece 'old Ireland'. It is a sought after venue which has seen major Irish acts such as Damien Dempsey, Rosey, Mundy and Paddy Casey to name but a few.


The bar area is a timeless, traditionally styled pub packed with Irish instruments and age old decor that gives the place a rich atmosphere. It has managed to mix the old and the new most successfully as the attached venue in complete contrast has a very different feel and a has much more modern design which gives 'the thatch' unique character. 

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