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Charleville Castle

Charleville Castle and its grounds have been used in a number of films to date, such as 'Becoming Jane' and 'Wonderhouse' and TV Series such as 'The Tudors' 'Reign' and 'most haunted'. The grounds are vast and have great potential to house further large scale productions. 

Charleville Castle & forest is situated just outside the town of Tullamore. It's stunning Gothic Castle, the famous 'King Oak', the forest and Clodiagh river have led to Charleville being one of the most popular film destinations in Ireland.


In spring the forests become a blanket of bluebells and summer the forest is in full bloom, trails, tracks and walkways lead you deep into an enchanted world that is teeming with local wildlife.

The 'King Oak' is a wonderful sight, it is dated between 400 and 800 years old, many children have played and climbed its trunks and branches. 

The Clodiagh River flows along the back of the grounds and is home to brown trout, a salmon run and other fresh water fish. 


The area of Charleville demense is almost 50,000 meters squared.

Charleville Forest is 100 km from Co.Dublin, 2 km from the town of Tullamore and 12 km from M6 Kilbeggan exit. 

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