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Falling in Love Released 

Offaly director and producer Finain Robbins has released his short film on youtube.

Filmed in 2016 in Clara, Co.Offaly, Finian's 2nd short film Falling in Love has been successfully screened in several international and national film festivals including: 40th Montreal World Film Festival,  7th Underground Cinema Film festival, Indie Cork, OFFline Film Festival and the Kerry Film Festival. 


The film is the story of a young man and a young woman, recognising a sort of shared pain. They link up to try and beat the blues on an old disused railway bridge that straddles the main street of the town. Looking down from her throne of temporary contentment Katsy realises that she doesn’t want to go back. She asks Keith to join her and, drawn to his queen’s request, they are transported into another realm. When dawn breaks what will it bring?

Film stars Oisin Robbins and Ingrid Saker. 

Falling in Love facebook page is 


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